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As a leading provider of automation engineering technology, Omron provides the products needed to minimize errors in manufacturing. See how our measuring and testing sensors and vision inspection systems have helped automotive manufacturers improve results. ( more )

Food and Beverage

It is critical for food and beverage manufacturers to obtain the first indication of potential line problems. Our broad offering of sensors, industrial components, and temperature and process controls is engineered to meet these needs. ( more )

General Manufacturing

Omron products are selected and used in many industries and applications because they improve your products, capabilities, quality and time-to-market. ( more )

MEST OMRON est le site officiel dédié à la distribution des produits d'automatisation industrielle OMRON au Maroc. Nous vous proposons formations techniques OMRON, des composants et constituants d'automatismes comme des automates programmables, des variateurs de vitesse, des contrôleurs d'axes, des servomoteurs, des cellules photoélectriques et des capteurs, des composants de contrôle et des composants de commutation pour l'industrie.

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